Joe versus Tom

I agree with Big Media Matt that Joe Lieberman can only help himself in the Presidential primaries by pushing for an investigation of Tom DeLay. It’s an issue that will resonate with partisan Democrats without forcing him to tack left or right, and so far he’s the only one out there doing it. It won’t change the minds of those who really dislike Lieberman for one reason or another, but he certainly won’t lose any ground with this. And who knows? He might eventually get the David Broders and Tim Russerts, also known as “DC’s wizards of high dudgeon”, as Josh Marshall called them, to start talking about this. That would be fun.

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2 Responses to Joe versus Tom

  1. Morat says:

    There’s a really good editorial here about the recent Republican rule breaking(Colorado, Texas, consideration of changes in Senate rules).

    I blogged a bit on it, but summed up: These are the politics of desperation. These are acts of people who don’t think they’ll have a majority in 2004 or 2006. They’re acting like breaking the Rules is the only way to keep themselves in power, and they’re shoving through tax cuts and judges like they’ve only got a few years.

    I know why I think they’re on the way out. But I’m not sure why Rove thinks that…

  2. Your political instincts are sound. For instance, two months ago I would rather have contracted painful rectal itch than said a good word for Joe Leiberman. Now I have said a few tentative good words for Joe Leiberman. Soon: My Cabinet role in the Leiberman Administration. There are nothing but second acts in American lives. It’s really predictable, actually.

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