I shall very likely return

When last we spoke, during the Little League All Star Game, I was uncertain about my future status as a coach. I had a chat yesterday with John, the league president and co-worker of Tiffany’s who recruited me to be a coach in the first place, and I can now say that barring unforseen circumstances I will be back, though perhaps as an assistant coach. I will very likely remain in the Mustang division, where the 9- and 10-year-olds play, and I will show up a few times during Fall Ball in October so I can have some clue about which players to draft next year.

I told John that I enjoyed the experience, and that I would like to return, but that if he had a player’s father who really wanted to coach that he should go ahead and bypass me. I agreed to be an assistant if that happens, but for now I’m still pencilled in as a head coach, giving me an opportunity to improve on my perfect record and to bore you all with more coaching tales next year. So don’t go away, I’ll be back.

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