Sid Miller’s spokesperson jumps ship

Who could blame her?

Sid Miller

The top spokeswoman for Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller resigned Monday, citing a “tremendous lack of communication” at the agency.

The spokeswoman, Lucy Nashed, a former aide to then-Gov. Rick Perry, said she was leaving after just five months on the job without having another position lined up.

“I have appreciated the opportunity to serve the Texas Department of Agriculture and the Texas agriculture industry, but I’m leaving to pursue other opportunities,” Nashed said. “It’s clear that there’s a tremendous lack of communication at the TDA, which makes it difficult for me as a (communications) person to do my job.”

No replacement has been chosen, according to the agency.


Perhaps most significantly for a communications officer, the department twice withheld public records about the Oklahoma trip.

The agency also gave differing explanations about the Mississippi trip: Nashed told the Chronicle (and the Texas Tribune) that the airplane travel mistakenly was booked using an agency credit card, but Miller acknowledged to the Chronicle that it was done intentionally because he hoped to schedule a work-related meeting during the trip.

See here for some background. I meant to run this earlier in the week, but was overwhelmed by events. It’s tempting to feel sorry for Lucy Nashed, who must have felt under siege this past month, but she’s a big girl who’s been around Republican politics for awhile and surely must have known who and what Sid Miller is. It was hardly a secret when he was in the Lege, after all. Better luck with the next gig, but maybe do a little due diligence this time.

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