The swiftboating of Rick Noriega

The politics of HB13 have taken a decidedly ugly turn, as the Observer reports.

Gov. Rick Perry’s Homeland Security Director Steve McCraw has found the enemy — and it’s Houston State Representative Rick Noriega, a lieutenant colonel in the Texas Army National Guard.

In an astounding 3-page letter, written on the Governor of Texas’ letterhead, McCraw questions Noriega’s concern for the safety of the homeland with a tone that has to be read to be believed. In a fear-mongering and bait-and-switch style, McCraw misrepresents the debate and belittles Noriega.

McCraw writes, “Since it is your position that our border does not pose a terrorist threat, and because of that position you believe it is unnecessary to expand resources in protecting our border, I will make myself available to you or your staff immediately to provide a detailed briefing on why this mistaken position can cost lives.”

Noriega fired off a response to McCraw’s boss Rick Perry. “Last Friday, I received a letter from your Director of Homeland Security clearly implying that I favored policies that allowed terrorists free entry through our borders. This accusation is both insulting and irresponsible, particularly directed toward someone who has served the State of Texas at the border.”

Noriega had mentioned this to me at the house party we hosted this past Saturday for Melissa. The idea of a two-bit hack like Steve McCraw smearing someone like Rick Noriega would be funny if it weren’t so depressingly common these days. Given that one of HB13’s cosponsors thinks that the problem it’s run into in the House is the fact that it’s McCraw who’s in charge of Homeland Security, you’d think Governor Perry would be more attentive to the situation. But perhaps the Governor is too busy making his own phony claims about the border to pay too much attention to his underlings. We’ll see how or if he responds to Noriega.

UPDATE: Vince has more.

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  1. Greg Wythe says:

    I’d like to see McCraw make that presentation publicly. I mean, if it’s a terrorist threat, why sit tight on it? Shouldn’t the whole world be alerted?

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