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Friday random ten: In the city, part 11

Still more New York! And other places, too.

1. Pflugerville – Austin Lounge Lizards
2. Philadelphia Freedom – Hall and Oates
3. Phoenix Get Cured – Stereogum vs team9
4. Phone Call From Leavenworth – Chris Whitley
5. Riga In The Fall – Gavin Guss
6. Road Movie To Berlin – They Might Be Giants
7. Road To New York – Jim Malcolm
8. The Rocky Road To Dublin – The Chieftains and The Rolling Stones
9. Roswell – Flying Fish Sailors
10. Rumble In Brighton – Stray Cats

One of my college classmates was a Pfluger from Pflugerville. I’ve often wondered what she and her family thought of that song; surely someone pointed it out to them. I was occasionally tempted a Lizards shows when they played that song to mention that fact to Hank or Conrad during a break, like when I was buying a CD or something, but it always felt too weird, even for them. Oh, well.

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