Friday random ten: In the city, part 13

More love for my hometown.

1. Southside Chicago Waltz – Black 47
2. St. Anne’s Reel/Staten Island Hornpipe – Flying Fish Sailors
3. St. Louis Blues March – Glenn Miller
4. Streets Of Bakersfield – Beau Jennings
5. Streets Of Laredo – Johnny Cash
6. Summer, Highland Falls – Billy Joel
7. Sweet Old Chicago – Roosevelt Sykes
8. Texarkana Baby – Elana James
9. The Tijuana Jail – Kingston Trio
10. Trees Of Brisbane – Charles Jenkins

Who knew there were at least two songs out there with “Staten Island” in the title? I can’t say it ever inspired me to write a song, about it or anything else, but clearly it had that effect on two someones. That’s actually something to be proud about.

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