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Keep an eye on 2018, too

From Greg Abbott’s campaign Facebook page:

And from the greasy lips of Dan Patrick:

There are some who say that they could never vote for Donald Trump — in fact, I was one of those people early on in this presidential race. But conservatives and Republicans unite around ideas and principles, and when we examine the ideas Hillary Clinton is putting forward, the choice for conservatives and any thinking American becomes clear.

Hillary Clinton will continue Barack Obama’s open border and amnesty policies. Like Obama, Hillary refuses to see the problems that result because we have failed to stem the tide of illegal immigration. Like Obama, Hillary does not understand that to remain a sovereign nation, we must have a secure border.

Donald Trump gets it. He understands that securing our border must be a top priority. That is an issue Republicans can unite around.

They will have plenty of company in their embrace of Trump. As we know, Donald Trump has record-shattering levels of disapproval among Latinos, people under 30, and single women. These are all groups that Democrats will work to turn out in large numbers this fall, and there is plenty of evidence so far to suggest that they are enthusiastic about voting against the Republican nominee. They are also groups that have, shall we say, a spotty record of turning out in non-Presidential years. I’m just thinking out loud here, but it might perhaps be a good idea for various Democrat-aligned groups, especially those with money, to make note of these things and do everything in their power to remind these voters that their Governor and Lt. Governor embraced Donald Trump with open arms at their first opportunity. I mean, if it is our fond hope to get more of the voters from these groups to, you know, vote in 2018 when our Governor and Lt. Governor will themselves be on the ballot, then it would be a good idea to tie them as tightly and as frequently as we can to the galactically unpopular Donald Trump. Crazy idea, I know, but hey, it can’t be any worse than the strategies we’ve employed in the recent past. Who’s with me on this?

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  1. Chip says:

    Absolutely, I’m with you.

  2. […] with her on one thing, and all of these Texas Republicans who are endorsing Donald Trump, including Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick, have forfeited any right to talk about “principles”. I don’t know how much of a […]