A request for help

Apparently, this humble blog has been selected as a participant in Project Lafayette, about which I know little more than what’s behind that link. According to a nice note I received from one of their coordinators, they want to “[preserve] the association of your brand with your content in the directory, by using small image thumbnails of your logo or photo on your profile page and elsewhere.”

Which is cool, but if you look around you’ll see that this site is long on text and short on images. I’m not particularly artistic, and the thought of designing a logo pretty much terrifies me.

I’ve been assured that logoless losers such as myself can still participate, with our names in the place of an icon, but that seems kinda lame to me. I mean, if I’m gonna be in this (and I would like to be), I may as well be like the kool kids and have my own picture. But then we get back to the whole lack-of-artistic-talent thing.

So, I’m asking for help. The Lafayette folks need something from me by Monday. If anyone out there feels like taking a crack at whipping up an icon for this site, they will get my undying gratitude and a free lunch at a date and place of their choosing. (If you’re not in Houston, we’ll work something out.) I’ll also incorporate the image into my site design. The requirement is that the image be small, roughly “32×32 pixels in dimension, and need to look good at that size”, according to what they told me. If you’re interested, please put a link in the comments to your idea, or shoot me a note. I’ll pick a winner from the millions of entries that I’ll surely receive and make my announcement Monday morning.

Thanks in advance for saving me from my artless self.

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4 Responses to A request for help

  1. P. Clodius says:

    How about a sleeve with a french cuff and a longhorn cufflink (or maybe a Rice owl?)

  2. Sounds great. Know where I can find one? 🙂

  3. Matt says:

    How about this:

    or one of these from this great site or one of these?

  4. Oh, dear God. A carpet-bagging Yankee using British designs for French cuffs in a blog run by Noo Yawkers for Texas flavor.

    This state is done for…I’m moving to Mexico. Congratulations, anyway!

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