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Saturday video break: Lady Luck

A couple of newer songs from my collection. The first one called “Lady Luck” is by Pickwick, featuring Sharon van Etten:

That’s from a South by Southwest sampler I got via Paste magazine. Don’t ask me how I came to be offered some of these samplers, the original impetus for them is lost to the mists of time. Another song called “Lady Luck” is from an actual CD collection of Texas music, by Dean Seltzer:

Again, I don’t recall where the original CD came from, but I’m glad I have it. And because I feel like it, here’s my favorite personification of the concept of luck:

I know that everyone associates that song with Frank Sinatra, but it was Marlon Brando who had it in the movie. Luck if you ever were a lacy to begin with, luck be a lady tonight.

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