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Weekend link dump for July 3

“And so we meet again. I know I’ve said this before, but this time I mean it – this is easily, without question, the worst New York Times marriage announcement to date.”

How not to get sued over your Star Trek movie.

“Figuring out how to build ethical autonomous machines is one of the thorniest challenges in artificial intelligence today.”

“Pope Francis said on Sunday that Christians and the Roman Catholic Church should seek forgiveness from homosexuals for the way they had treated them.”

“If he runs for leadership of the party, and then fails to follow through on triggering Article 50, then he is finished. If he does not run and effectively abandons the field, then he is finished. If he runs, wins and pulls the UK out of the EU, then it will all be over – Scotland will break away, there will be upheaval in Ireland, a recession … broken trade agreements. Then he is also finished. Boris Johnson knows all of this.”

Very best wishes to Lyle Denniston as he makes his exit from SCOTUSBlog.

Don’t worry, Brexit won’t affect Game of Thrones filming.

And Brexit is a reminder that some things just shouldn’t be decided by the people.

The 40-year-old Maine Twinkie is still a thing.

RIP, Pat Summit, legendary basketball coach at the University of Tennessee and winner of the most games ever in Division I.

You do too watch TV. And why not? There’s a lot of good stuff there.

RIP, Buddy Ryan, former NFL coach.

Ken Levine has a few critical words for Stephen Colbert.

It’s the candidate after Donald Trump we should be worried about.

Turns out you can grow potatoes in Martian soil.

Don’t blame the victims of traffic crashes.

RIP, Scotty Moore, Elvis Presley’s longtime guitarist and a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.

Donald Trump is spamming members of parliaments around the globe with fundraising emails. Sad!

What Chad Orzel says.

RIP, Lee Wesley Gibson, believed to have been the oldest living Pullman porter. He lived to be 106 years old and had an amazing life story. Go read it.

“But the point is this: it seems extremely likely that this email list was put together by the Trump campaign. Now it seems to be in the hands of at least one Trump supporting SuperPac. Campaigns and SuperPACs are not allowed to coordinate. And there’s nothing about this operation that gives any reason to believe they did this in a way to even try to make it pass legal muster.”

Hillary Clinton pens a farewell to The Toast.

“Sonoma could be the first team in over 60 years to feature multiple women at the same time. When the Stompers take the field on Friday, Kelsie Whitmore, a 17-year-old outfielder/pitcher, and Stacy Piagno, a 25-year-old pitcher/infielder, will be in their starting lineup.”

“An extraordinary observance of the Battle of the Somme took place today in the UK.”

RIP, Elie Wiesel, Auschwitz survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

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