Saturday video break: Light of Day

Keeping my cred as someone who listens to new music, here’s Aubrie Sellers:

I was Not A Fan of country music for a looooong time. I think the main reason for that is that my initial exposure to country was the kind of mainstream/Hot Country Hits crap that Nashville regurgitates constantly. Once I figured out that there was more to country music than that, I warmed up to it considerably. Which means I can now appreciate efforts like this one, which was a Noisetrade mixtape find.

An appreciation of Bruce Springsteen was not something I had to seek out:

The version I have of this is from his 1993 “In Concert’ album. That video is from almost 20 years later, and it’s clear he’s lost none of his energy or enthusiasm. Keep on rocking, Bruce. But please come to Houston on your next tour.

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