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Saturday video break: Lithium

The brightest light of the grunge era, Nirvana and one of their big hits, “Lithium”:

Kurt Cobain was exactly a year and a day younger than I am, so he’d have been 50 years old next February. Hard to believe, isn’t it? One can only wonder what he would have accomplished if he were still with us.

Iconic songs deserve provocative covers. I think this effort by the Polyphonic Spree meets that criterion:

Boy, you’re either going to be blown away by that or you’re going to hate it. I can’t say that either reaction is wrong, but I can say that this was a perennial favorite in the Coverville countdown, before the format changed to focus only on songs from that year. I like it, I can also tell you that.

One more version, from The Vaselines:

That’s from a tribute album from SPIN magazine called “Newermind”, featuring covers of all songs from “Nevermind”. Which version of this do you prefer?

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