Blogging: Not just for Dallas any more

You know that the Dallas Morning News has a Corner-style political blog written by its editorial board, but did you know that the Austin American-Statesman has an arts and entertainment blog written by its arts and entertainment staff? It made its debut on July 15. The good news: Actual archives (sort of) and a bio of each blog writer. The bad news: No permalinks on each entry, archives only for the days of that week and all of the previous week, no blogroll. The depends-on-your-perspective news: Each entry is a self-contained unit with its own subject, so no confusing references to previous entries that may have scrolled off the page and no “conversation”. I do predict that eventually they’ll figure out to add permalinks, if for no better reason so that they can refer to an earlier post.

That’s two major Texas dailies with blogs. What’s everyone else waiting for?

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One Response to Blogging: Not just for Dallas any more

  1. hope says:

    Looks like the Statesman is getting in on the blog thing too. Guy’s name is something Bishop, calls himself Lasso.

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