Endorsement watch: Carter in HD146

The Chron makes their choice for the last of the nominations to be filled by Democratic precinct chairs.

Erica Lee

Erica Lee Carter

The contest to replace state Rep. Borris Miles isn’t exactly a fair fight. Erica Lee Carter, daughter of U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, just has to win a majority of 27 precinct chairs in Saturday’s contest to become the uncontested Democratic candidate for state House District 146.

We’d be surprised if she didn’t get them. Carter, 36, had a campaign ready to go from the moment precinct chairs elevated Miles from unopposed state House candidate to unopposed state Senate candidate.

Luckily for the voters who live in the wriggling gerrymandered South Houston district, which stretches from Sunnyside to the Sharpstown area, Lee has a clear vision of what she can accomplish in Austin.

A first-term member of the Board of Trustees for the Harris County Department of Education and former elementary school teacher, Carter said during a candidate meeting with the Chronicle editorial board that she holds the traditional Democratic positions of supporting LGBT rights and opposing both open-carry and campus carry. She also wanted to focus on improving education and expanding job skills training.


Among all the candidates who met with the Chronicle editorial board, Carter had the deepest understanding of how a state legislator can help her constituents. It may be an unfair advantage, given that she comes from a political family, but it is one that will benefit the people of Houston.

We were also impressed with Shawn Thierry, 46, an experienced trial attorney and passionate advocate who just missed being the Democrats’ choice for the newly created 507th family District Court. The other candidates are Rashad Cave, a motivational speaker; Valencia Williams, a local activist; and Larry Blackmon, a former candidate for City Council.

See here for more on the HD146 process, which will happen this Saturday at 10 AM at the Sunnyside Multi-Service Center. As with the others, I intend to be there and to write about what happens. The list of candidates the Chron provides for HD146 does not include James Donatto; I’d heard elsewhere that he was no longer running, but have no information as to what may have changed. As for Erica Lee Carter, she was endorsed early on by Annie’s List; the Houston GLBT Political Caucus announced an intent to endorse in the race, but if they followed through I can’t find it. I agree with the Chron that she and Thierry are the top two candidates in this race.

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4 Responses to Endorsement watch: Carter in HD146

  1. Neither Here Nor There says:

    They did follow through, they sent out endorsement letters.

  2. Mainstream says:

    The district is “wriggling gerrymandered” because the Department of Justice to accommodate black politicians and minority interest groups has pushed to keep the district at a particular percentage of black voters, while avoiding residential pockets of other groups.

  3. Neither Here Nor There says:

    Mainstream, are you suggesting that the reason is Obama’s fault. Who does the redistricting? In Texas it is the Republicans they like to stuff as many minorities as they can in a district to gain Republican seats.

    The reason that the Republicans can do this is because they are party for white people, whereas Democrats represent Citizens of all colors and religions. Did I forget to state that the Republican party is also the party of one religion only? If you ain’t Christian you ain’t welcomed.

    It is no secret that the Republicans have been making districts where white Democrats used to represent more minority so they can present to their base (I do mean base) constituents that the Democrats are not the party of the white people. Trump has made that very obvious.

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