Interview with Ben Rose

Ben Rose

Ben Rose

There are basically two interesting legislative races in the Houston area this November. The first is HD144, where former Rep. Mary Ann Perez should reclaim her seat against 2014 winner Rep. Gilbert Pena. I did an interview with Perez for the primary, which you can revisit here if you care to. The other is in HD134, which has had three incumbents lose November races since 2002 but has been fairly stable since the most recent victor, Rep. Sarah Davis, took over in 2010. Davis had an easy cycle against an invisible challenger in 2014, but this year she is opposed by Ben Rose, who has been far more active in both campaigning and fundraising. A fourth-generation Houstonian, Rose is an attorney and a member of the Anti-Defamation League’s Glass Leadership program. He is also a new father, and for you Bachelor fans, the brother of former contestant Erica Rose. Here’s what we talked about:

Interviews and Q&As from the primaries are on my 2016 Election page. I will eventually get around to updating it to include links to fall interviews.

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8 Responses to Interview with Ben Rose

  1. Ben Rose appears to be smarter than the former democratic state rep of HD134

    At least he attempts to put basic policy solutions for working families on his website.

  2. brad m says:


    I used to live in 134. If you are referring to Ellen Cohen, my recollection was that she solidly and proudly stated her policy positions despite the 50/50 balance of that district.

    Ellen has been a active public servant, elected and unelected, her entire life.

    Are you thinking of Martha Wong, her Republican successor?

  3. I couldn’t be anymore clear

  4. Ellen Cohen, Angela Blanchard, Anna Babin, Cynthia Colbert, etc etc.

    Women community leaders for decades.

    Did they forget to offer Paid Maternity Leave?

    Offering a minimum of 6 weeks with 70% pay isn’t that hard to do.

    They’re already required by law to offer 12 weeks of un-paid fmla.

    If they can’t provide some form of Paid Parental Leave, Resign or hire smarter employees.

  5. brad moore says:

    I would bet you are wrong about Cohen not having positions on her lege campaign website. Give me some screen shots of her old campaign website to prove it.

    Not sure how you segued to a rant about parental leave. Are you saying that Sarah Davis has a better plan? If this is your beef just come out and say it.

    i think the most interesting item is that Ben Rose wishes to be a public servant and is somehow DNA related to the vacuous, self important Erica Rose.

  6. Bill Kelly says:

    Uh . . . in 2006 by far and away the biggest issue for working families & their advocates in the Texas Legislature was the horrible restrictions placed on Children’s Health Insurance Program in 2003. It was the biggest issue she had featured on her website and raised in the media. Then Rep. Turner passed HB 109 which helped enrollment figures rebound from these record lows.

    So, yeah . . .

  7. Hopefully houston city council can move beyond mini-murals, learn basic public finance and start googling ideas from other US cities.

  8. I’m not impressed with Sarah Davis platform. Talks about 2% growth for state budget. Government delivers healthcare, education and transportation. Not groceries.

    Davis’s idea of tax reform are outdated ideas like homestead exemption and tax cuts for the 1%.

    Her overrall policy solutions for health, working families and economic develipment are a joke.

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