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City and county confer on critter control

Hope they can work something out.

Judge Ed Emmett

Judge Ed Emmett

Harris County and Houston city officials will meet [this] month to better tackle the region’s significant stray animal problem.

City and county leaders and private animal welfare representatives will meet Oct. 12, according to a spokesman for Harris County Judge Ed Emmett. One focus of the “summit” is expected to be better collaboration between the county, which focuses primarily on unincorporated areas despite having a shelter located inside the city limits, and the city of Houston.


The city and county shelters run at or above capacity almost every day. The county shelter takes in some 23,000 animals each year from unincorporated areas while the city shelter accepts 25,000 to 27,000. Both generally only take in animals from their respective jurisdictions, though both also report making exceptions, especially when an animal is sick or injured.

Stray animals can be a public health threat because they can spread disease and can also attack and injure humans and other animals.

A 2010 survey of Houston-area households conducted by the University of Texas School of Public Health found “stray dogs and cats” to be the most frequent neighborhood problem reported by residents surveyed, beating out crime, drinking water and dumping, among other problems.

See here for some background. I don’t know what specifically they can do, but I feel certain they can do something to work together and reduce the scope of the problem. I look forward to hearing what they come up with.

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