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Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 23

Moving through the letter L.

1. Ant In Alaska – Liz Phair
2. Take It Back – Liza Anne
3. Ill Wind – Lonette McKee
4. Royals – Lorde
5. Cowardly Lion – Loreena McKennitt
6. Stay With Me – Lorraine Ellison
7. The Sad Cafe – Lorrie Morgan
8. Double Yodel – Lou & Peter Berryman
9. Every Night Of The Week – Lou Ann Barton
10. Can’t Let Go – Lucinda Williams

“Ill Wind” is from the soundtrack to The Cotton Club, which I’ve discussed here a few times. I confess to being a bit inconsistent about including soundtrack songs in these lists – I haven’t included any of the songs done by women from Godspell, for example and for no good reason I can think of. It’s just the way this has gone. “The Sad Cafe” is from a CD of Eagles covers done by country music artists. I’m pretty such I just made a music critic somewhere write another thinkpiece about why people hate the Eagles just by mentioning that.

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  1. Joel says:

    i love the eagles link.

    one great take on the eagle’s place in rock history is found in this (fictional) yacht rock episode:

  2. Joel says:

    sorry, should have been “the eagles’ place …”

    man, i never noticed how weird that word looks.