More talk of a special session

I don’t know about you, but about the last thing I want for this summer is a special session, on any subject. That specter has already been floated, with transportation issues (read: HB1892) the crux. There’s a lot more talk of this today, and I’ll just refer you to some of it:

Patricia Kilday Hart says all signs are pointing to some serious behind-the-scenes negotiations in the Senate.

Ben Wear reports that “the governor’s chief of staff informed the staff at a Monday morning meeting that if they were planning vacations for the summer it would be advisable to buy travel insurance”. Sen. John Carona, however, doesn’t think it will come to that.

Christy Hoppe points out that while the Governor can make ’em come to Austin, he can’t make ’em pass a bill that he likes. Or, in this case, un-pass a bill he doesn’t like.

Eye on Williamson has some more links, plus thoughts on why compromise seems unlikely.

Finally, on a tangential note, McBlogger rips up a couple of pro-toll editorials.

I’ll say again, I’d rather see the veto of HB1892 stand than suffer through another endless legislative summer. There’s enough exceptions for existing projects in HB1892, plus all that expanded power for HCTRA, that on balance it’d be no great loss. I don’t know what Rick Perry thinks his legacy is going to be, but from where I sit, it’s his insistence on calling the Lege back to Austin for one damn thing or another. Almost anything to avoid that would be worthwhile.

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