So who is running to succeed Lane Lewis as HCDP Chair?

Lane Lewis

It has been over a month since Lane Lewis announced his impemding departure as HCDP Chair. Since then, I have been asked by multiple people if I have heard from any potential candidates to replace him. My answer has been, and as of this morning continues to be, no I have not. I presume that with the holidays and the preparations for the Legislative session and the resistance to the Trump regime, this has been somewhat of a back burner item for people. That said, there will be a County Executive Committee meeting for the HCDP in February (date and time not yet scheduled, but we know it’s coming), at which precinct chairs will vote to name a successor. I have to assume that some time between now and then, the interested parties will make themselves known to the chairs and will ask them for their support.

In the meantime, I have now heard a few names mentioned as possibilities. The following are the names I have heard mentioned by more than one person:

Rony Escobar
Dominique Davis
Chris Spellmon
Lillie Schechter
Art Pronin

Lillie Schechter is a political consultant who has worked with Sen. Sylvia Garcia, CM Jerry Davis, former Council candidate Tom McCasland, and others. Her mother Sue Schechter was HCDP Chair in the late 90s-early 2000s, right before Gerry Birnberg. Art Pronin is the President of the Meyerland Democrats club, which is one of the more active clubs in the area. He’s the only person on this list that I have talked to so far, and isn’t committed to running but is thinking about it. He and Schechter are the two potential candidates that I know best. Davis is the Chief of Staff/Director of Operations of the HCDP, so she would clearly have plenty of experience going in. I’m sure I’ve met her but don’t know her beyond that. I don’t know Escobar or Spellmon at all. This email from the Meyerland Dems mentions the names Rob Collier and Tomaro Bell, whom I also don’t know. (The email actually says “Robin Collier”, but I have since received clarification that it is Rob Collier, whose wife Rabea was a candidate for judge in 2016.)

So that’s what I know at this time. I don’t have a preferred candidate yet, as I would like to hear from everyone and get an idea of what they have in mind to do as HCDP Chair. Tomorrow I will post about the sort of things I’d like to see our next HCDP Chair do.

UPDATE: One more name to add, Eartha Jean Johnson, who wins the distinction of being the first HCDP Chair hopeful to send me an official email of her candidacy.

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10 Responses to So who is running to succeed Lane Lewis as HCDP Chair?

  1. Rony Escobar says:

    Sir. I appreciate your insight for the Chair position. Feel free to contact me at any time. Or to anyone that reads this popular blog.

  2. Mike Engelhart says:

    I think you mean, impending, not impeding. Though, I am not certain whether that was a play on words or not. 🙂

    I do not know Spellmon or Escobar either, I do not believe. Please forgive me if we’ve met, though.

  3. Judge Engelhart – Yes, “impending”. My browser has a spellcheck feature in it, but that isn’t very helpful when one’s typo is also a valid word. 🙂 Thanks for the catch, it’s been fixed.

  4. Susan Haines says:

    Latest info: Rob Collier and Tomaro Bell announced their candidacy for HCDP Chair last night, along with Rony Escobar, Chris Spellmon, and a strong ‘maybe’ by Art Pronin. They all gave short speeches at the jam-packed and energized Meyerland Democrats meeting!

  5. Mike Engelhart says:

    In retrospect, I may have met Mr. Spellmon and Mr. Escobar at some point. My apologies.

  6. Rony Escobar says:

    Sir. I appreciate your insight for the Chair position. Feel free to contact me at any time. Or to anyone that reads this blog.

    [email protected]

  7. Pat Bryan says:

    Rony Escobar has been the HCDP IT guy throughout our victorious 2016 campaign. Not just the PCs and laptops, but the databases, volunteers and all the nuts-and-bolts that put our candidates in office. I believe that Rony has more successful practical experience than any of the other candidates for County Chair.

  8. Stephen Abrams Harrison PC Chair 175 says:

    I would love to hear about his ability to fundraise on both a local, state and national level. Rony does not seam to have that experience. I would also like to know why volunteers were showing up at party headquarters during an election year and were told that there was nothing for them to do.

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  10. Keryl Douglas says:

    To Charles Kuffner and ALL of his readers: I, Attorney Keryl L. Douglas, am seeking to become your new HCDP Chair. Your Support and Assistance Would Be Greatly Appreciated! Currently, the HCDP Website lists no present special election, process, Candidacy Application, Sign Up List, Deadline to apply for consideration, criteria, ect. Please know that I passionately seek to serve as HCDP Chair, and I have the wealth of proven experience our Party needs to advance immediately and effectively forward; as well as the visionary plans and ideas to recommend, seek buy-in, and implement to insure our Party is among the very “top,” if not the actual “top” Party locally and nationally itself, as well as strategies to better include, empower and engage ALL Precinct Chairs, and fill ALL vacant PC positions to better progress our Party.

    Since hearing of Mr. Lane Lewis’ resignation, I’ve busily been analyzing our present status, developing strategies for recommending for consideration in rapidly pushing our HCDP to the top echelon of effectiveness. My vast experience is proven and effective. I humbly, yet passionately ask your support and assistance of ALL of you to become your next Harris County Democratic Party Chair. Thank you, Keryl Douglas, Esq. Email: kerylldouglas@

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