TiVo and Angel

We finally broke down and got TiVo recently. Actually, more accurately, I finally convinced Tiffany that we needed TiVo. Our VCR had coughed up a hairball, and rather than replace it, since we mostly used it to tape stuff that we watch regularly, we agreed that TiVo was the way to go.

We havn’t installed it yet, though. It requires a phone jack to connect to the TiVo network, and there isn’t one where the TV is. I’m off today, and had a guy come in to add a jack, only to discover that our phone box is not actually on the exterior of the house – it’s on a pole behind the garage, with a buried cable running into the house. As that made adding a jack extra difficult, I’m going to follow the guy’s advice and hit a Radio Shack for a wireless jack. I’d better be prepared to sacrifice a chicken to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the wireless router. Cross your fingers for me.

Meanwhile, I loved Wednesday’s Angel premier, but I’m confused about Charisma Carpenter’s departure from the cast. This article makes it sound like it was not her decision, which surprises me greatly. She’s still got a cast bio up on TheWB.com, even if it’s not linked directly from the Angel main page, and surely Joss Whedon wouldn’t leave Cordelia’s status so unresolved, but her absence from the show will be really felt.

I still loved the opener, and unlike this reviewer (warning: contains minor spoilers) I liked the new character Eve. But I really want Cordy back. It’s just not the same without her.

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11 Responses to TiVo and Angel

  1. Lis says:

    How stupid is the Herald!? [I live in Boston, I can mock the Herald] They got the gag wrong! It’s goats not “ghosts” — it doesn’t even make sense the way they wrote it.

  2. Y’know, I thought it said “goats”, too. Glad to hear I’m not the only one. 🙂

  3. Kyle says:

    I have got to agree with two things though, Connor will not be missed and please, please, please, please, please no more court room scenes.

  4. Matt says:

    You’re looking for one of these:

    Phonex Wireless Jack for Modems, which is sold with various brand names (from the TiVo FAQ). They won’t interfere with your WiFi network, because they actually communicate through your house’s electrical power system. The master unit plugs into an outlet and into a phone jack, and the slave unit plugs into a wall outlet and your TiVo.

    You can get them at Radio Shack or online from 48 bucks at Globe Mart.

    I got a set, but had trouble with it because I have about 20 things plugged into that wall outlet, generating lots of noise. Lots of people use them with no problem. Actually, you can have mine if you like – just let me know.

  5. David says:

    If you only just got the TiVo, it is probably a series 2? In that case, you might consider going with a linksys USB wireless access point and use your broadband connection.

    When I got our Series 2 we switched to the wireless link and it has worked very well. It also doesn’t interfere with the wireless network, since it’s on it! (As a side benefit we also got the Home Media option and beam photographs from the mac to the TV so that more people can see them. But I don’t hink you need to buy that to use the wireless link).

    Details are at

  6. Lee says:

    At least I’m not the only one that’s missing Charisma Carpenter. I read something to the effect that she was gone, and was going to be doing guest appearances on that new Alicia Silverstone show Miss Match. Which really blows. The thought of her and Spike mixing it up verbally is a wish to behold.

    Congrats on the Tivo. I’ve had the Dishnetwork PVR version for over 2 years now. I never understand when someone references commercials anymore. I don’t watch anything unless I have recorded it previously.

  7. Ichikawa says:

    I’m very angry with my VCR for failing to record the new ANGEL. But a tape is being mailed to me. Perhaps I’ll agree with your opinion, but alas, I cannot yet.

  8. …scratching my head wondering why the location of the NAT makes a frog-hair’s difference on putting in a new jack. Was he trying to sell you something?

  9. Charles M says:

    FWIW, it sounds like the installer is trying to scam you.

    You don’t need to go back to the demarc to install a jack. Just find the nearest jack and daisy chain it along the baseboard.

    As far as the TiVo, I’m convinced it belongs in the pantheon of WD-40 and duct tape. The most usable electronic device I’ve ever owned. Get the lifetime subscription.

  10. No, I don’t think he was scamming me. He didn’t actually charge me anything in the end, after all. He gave me some options for installing the jack, they just all involved cutting more holes in the wall than I wanted, since no other non-wall-mounted jack was actually close to the TV. I think the wireless jack will do OK.

  11. Asya says:

    They don’t scam, they just want to show off how knowledgable they are when they are about as ignorant as it gets. You should have heard the one that told Mark his TiVo phone connection would make his computer slow because he uses a dialup modem on the same line that the TiVo uses.

    Anyway, I won’t miss Cordy — her character just got all used up — really nothing more to say.

    But the best line of premiere I thought was “… He got fired… no, wait, he was set on fire”. We laughed our heads off at that one…

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