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Van de Putte followup

Yesterday I pointed to a column by Jan Jarboe Russell in the Express News in which Sen. Leticia Van de Putte said that a Republican Senator, in response to a query about punitiveness, told her that “If you act like Mexicans, then you will be treated like Mexicans.” Van de Putte did not name the Senator in question, since the comment was made in the members’ lounge, for which there is a tradition of confidentiality, but she said that the exchange was witnessed by Sens. Frank Madla and Judith Zaffirini.

Today, neither Senator verified Van de Putte’s claim.

“What senator said that?” Madla said. “I don’t recall that comment being made, to be honest with you. Unless we can verify that statement being made, I would rather not make any comment.”

Zaffirini, saying she was taking painkillers for a broken shoulder at the time, said: “I don’t recall the exchange. I recall her (Van de Putte) telling me about the exchange. That was when I was on pain medication. … I’m sure I was there, but I don’t recall it.”

As I said yesterday, if this story is true, it’s despicable. It’s also despicable if it’s not true. This is a very serious charge to make, and no good purpose is served if it can’t be verified. The fact that the two witnesses Van de Putte named don’t remember the incident doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, but their lack of recollection surely does not advance her case. At the very least, it’s rather reckless for Van de Putte to go public without first checking with her colleagues to see if they’ll back her up.

Sen. Van de Putte is in a very precarious position right now. She may be telling the truth, but without corroborating evidence it will be very difficult to get anyone to believe her. If she’s exaggerating, misrepresenting, or just plain making this up, then she’s done herself and her colleagues a grave disservice and she needs to start making it right double quick. I hope she knows what she’s doing.

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