Chron endorses Davila Martinez

The Chron has endorsed Diana Davila Martinez for City Council District H, which is where I live, citing her past experience as the key.

Davila Martinez served ably in the Legislature from 1993-1999. A graduate of Harvard University, she spent much of her time in Austin giving neighborhoods and civic clubs the tools and powers they need to clean up blight and shut down or control irresponsibly or illegally operated bars.

Davila Martinez has served on the boards of Catholic Charities, Association for Community Television, Children At Risk and other charitable endeavors. She promises to support mass transit improvements, prudent spending and better performance by city employees.

I had a message on my answering machine on Tuesday from Ms. Davila Martinez, and spoke to her yesterday. She objected to Diane Mosier’s statement that Adrian Garcia has been endorsed by “every local democratic elected official”. I have invited her to email me a response, and when I get it I will print it.

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One Response to Chron endorses Davila Martinez

  1. Rob Humenik says:

    Man, this figuring out who to vote for stuff is hard. I hope she sends you the email because I look forward to hearing what she has to say. I like the fact that she contacted you personally.

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