Concordes retiring

So long, supersonic.

LONDON — British Airways’ last Concorde flight for fare-paying passengers took off for New York today, a day before scheduled supersonic service ends for good.

Both today’s London-New York flight and Friday’s final trans-Atlantic return are expected to be full, but Friday’s passengers will all be invited guests of the airline, including actress Joan Collins and Concorde frequent flyer Sir David Frost.

Thousands of planespotters are expected to gather near Heathrow Airport on Friday to watch the near-simultaneous landing of the New York flight and two other Concordes — one carrying competition winners from Edinburgh, the other taking guests on a circular flight from Heathrow over the Bay of Biscay.

With that, the era of supersonic commercial flight will be over, at least for now.

I don’t really have anything to add to this, just that I thought the Concorde was cool. Too bad it was too expensive and environmentally unfriendly. I also didn’t realize just how strong the opposition was to the Concorde in New York. I’d probably feel less affection for it if my house was underneath its flight path.

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  1. Tris says:

    Well personally the Concorde would be a dream to fly. Its too bad it has been retired. The only plane in my mind that remotely compares to it is the Bell X-1. Both are Milestones in aviation history and will always be remembered as that.

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