Help wanted

This is somewhat unusual, but I’m willing to try this out once and see what happens. I received the following email from a reader:

Do you know who (attorneys) are all involved beyond the ones you listed in your June 27 piece?

Major curiosity here that has implications with a legal hearing I am having in the near future. My attorney dumped my case to supposedly go to work on Dan’s…Won’t give his name as the above mentioned hearing is one of those “closed” ones that the legal system blinds us all to their machinisms.

It would be a GREAT help to know if in fact this individual did actually go to work on Dan’s team.

The post to which this reader refers has to do with the legal travails of our former Attorney General, Dan Morales. If anyone reading this has any knowledge about who is currently on Morales’ legal team and is willing/able to share it, please drop me a note at kuff-at-offthekuff-dot-com, and I will pass it along. Thanks!

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