One week to go

Election day is a week from today, so the most expensive mayoral race in Houston’s history is, well, not exactly drawing to a close, but about to enter a new phase. Greg notes that Sylvester Turner has the most cash on hand right now, so he should be in good shape to get his supporters out on Tuesday. He also notes that George Strong has projected a Sanchez/White runoff, but Turner’s total is sufficiently close to White’s to keep him from resting easily. Strong has presumably made some different assumptions about turnout than this poll, which shows White leading Sanchez and Turner by 38-32-26. It’s a Survey USA poll, though, with a 4.7% margin of error, so take it with some salt.

Meanwhile, Kevin thinks Turner might be stronger in a runoff against Sanchez than White would, and Steve Bates has already cast his ballot for Turner. Early voting ends Friday, so there’s not much time to waste.

We got a mailer from the Sanchez campaign today that was a total “Bill White is a big Clinton-loving LIBERAL!!!” piece, including the de rigeur grainy photo of White with Her Hillaryness, presumably taken during a weekly meeting of the Communists for Totally Confiscatory Taxes Club. Some free advice, Orlando: If you’re still courting voters who aren’t already Republicans, this is probably not your most effective message.

I know who I’m voting for in the Mayoral and Controller races, but I still have to figure out who I’m voting for in some of the Council races. It’s hard to judge some of the candidates because they either have no websites (something I completely fail to understand in this day and age – more on that in a later post) or their websites are, for lack of a better word, crappy. Since I got such good information on Adrian Garcia and Diana Davila Martinez by writing about my indecision in District H earlier, I’ll try again. If any of the following candidates want to contact me and give a short pitch as to why I and anyone reading this should vote for you, pleaes drop me a note at kuff-at-offthekuff-dot-com: Andrew Burks, Brian Wozniak, Peter Brown, Jolanda Jones, Sue Lovell, Ronald Green, Dwight Boykins, and Beulah Shepard. Short notice, I know, but at least you know people have started to pay attention.

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  1. I have seen no polls but just based on the tone of the radio campaign adds, White definitely sounds like he has a strong lead.

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