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If only they’d talk less, too

Here’s another Baby Boomers Discover The Secret To A Happier Life story. They’ve determined that if they work less, they have more time to do things that aren’t work.

John de Graaf, 57, a Seattle freelance television producer and writer, was among the organizers of a Take Back Your Time day, held Oct. 24.

He called it “a national conscious-raising event,” and it included teach-ins and other events around the country to discuss ways to balance work and life.

The date came nine weeks before the end of the year, “and that symbolizes the fact that we Americans now work an average of nine full weeks more each year than do our peers in Western Europe,” de Graaf says.

Americans may be richer, de Graaf says, “but they’re overworked, overscheduled and overwhelmed — in short, just stressed out.”

There are quotes from various fiftysomethings who are filling the time they’re spending not working by baking cookies and writing poetry. It’s truly a joy to behold. If only previous generations had grokked this concept of “retirement”. Thank $deity the boomers are there for us. I look forward to the sure-to-follow series of articles in which these now-sixtysomething folks discover the previously underappreciated bliss of grandchildren.

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