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Weekend link dump for May 14

Naming and billboard-shaming the Congressfolk who sold off your Internet privacy.

I’m probably “Structure Neutral, Ingredient Purist” on the Sandwich Alignment Chart, but I’m still thinking about it.

We’re in no danger of running out of Game of Thrones content just yet.

“How can you tell phony drawings from real ones? There’s no easy way but here are some things to keep in mind…”

Way to outsmart the campaign hackers, Emmanuel Macron. Also, “hackers” is really the wrong word here, but until we come up with a pithier description of “foreign black-hat actors who steal intellectual property for the purposes of interfering in elections”, it’s the best we can do.

Nike’s quest to beat the two-hour marathon fell just short.

It’s all about the kleptocracy these days.

How To Spot Fascism Before It’s Too Late.

“At 97, Ben Ferencz is the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive and he has a far-reaching message for today’s world”.

“The Islamic State encouraged recruits in the United States to take advantage of laws that allow people to buy firearms without having to present identification or submit to background checks.”

“This points toward the real mistake the New York Times made. It’s not that they hired a climate skeptic. You can hardly avoid that among conservatives these days. The real mistake is that they imported the ethics of the Wall Street Journal editorial page.”

“As of 2013, 1.4 million people had top-secret clearance. Most of those people will not, and probably should not, ever be national security adviser.”

“Mr. Trump made restricting immigration, including for refugees fleeing violence, a central plank of his campaign. Yet, he seems O.K. with letting real estate moguls take advantage of a program that sells green cards. In this administration, the interests of the first family and its rich and powerful friends come first.”

“In the ten most populous states in the country, employers steal $8 billion a year from their employees simply by paying them less than the legally mandated minimum wage”.

“Researchers have been able to decipher half the mystery of the Marfa lights, but some things are still unexplained.”

“Ted Cruz was not ready for this hearing.” For a guy who’s supposed to be a world class ninja debater, he sure didn’t look good against Sally Yates.

RIP, Anne Morrissy Merick, television field producer who persuaded the Pentagon to overturn an edict that prevented women in the press corps from covering combat during the Vietnam War.

Donald Trump is finally getting the loser edit.

“This is why Rosenstein’s threat to resign rings hollow and indeed why I suspect he hasn’t resigned. What’s his argument? That he knowingly participated in the bad act and put his legal knowledge to work justifying it but is outraged that he’s being asked to take the blame?”

RIP, Yale Lary, NFL Hall of Famer and former Texas legislator.

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  1. Joel says:

    the sandwich alignment chart reflects a huge overton shift in sandwiching.

    consider: the only actual “sandwich” on the chart is not in the center, but in the upper left corner, relegating to the fringe what was formerly the moderate position …

  2. Flypusher says:

    Watching Yates not just chew up Cruz, but also feast on that partisan hypocrite Cornyn, was absolutely delicious. She would be an excellent choice for the special investigator into this “Russian thing”. Or Preet Bharara. Or both.

    The “Trump dignity wraith” is an excellent meme. Someone like Conway is smart enough to know that no one outside the MAGA cult buys into her spin. No doubt she’s been paid very handsomely, but IMO she still made a very bad deal.