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Weekend link dump for May 28

“Two big reasons Trump will have a tough time pushing the special counsel around”.

“The growing frustration with the Trump administration’s management — reflected in letters to state regulators and in interviews with more than two dozen senior industry and government officials nationwide — undercuts a key White House claim that Obamacare insurance marketplaces are collapsing on their own.”

I’m almost positive I’m the first person to stand on a stage at an Upfront and say ‘elephant twat.’ You are welcome.”

The bad effects of the Trump regime extend well beyond the borders of the USA.

“The same theory of law, order, and personal responsibility without excuses that his Attorney General has decided is good for petty drug offenses ought to be good for the conduct of the Oval Office, too.”

“1. The neural network really likes brown, beige, and grey. 2. The neural network has really really bad ideas for paint names.”

“We weren’t pandered to with the myriad of diagnosed anxiety disorders of today’s kids. Naw, we just had eating disorders and mental illnesses that we suffered in secret, silence, and shame.”

“If you discount demographics, which we have no control over, social stigma accounts for about half the drop in drunk driving. This suggests that what we need isn’t so much stricter laws, but a revitalized campaign to even further stigmatize drunk driving.”

“This is where we get to the great irony of the story – because in the end it wasn’t the size of the asteroid, the scale of blast, or even its global reach that made dinosaurs extinct – it was where the impact happened.”

“In my lab we have found that 4-year-olds recognize that their own past beliefs might have been wrong. Mr. Trump contradicts himself without hesitation and doesn’t seem to recognize any conflict between his past and present beliefs.”

“Her name was Eudocia Tomas Pulido. We called her Lola. She was 4 foot 11, with mocha-brown skin and almond eyes that I can still see looking into mine—my first memory. She was 18 years old when my grandfather gave her to my mother as a gift, and when my family moved to the United States, we brought her with us. No other word but slave encompassed the life she lived.” A truly amazing story, and when you’re done with it read this for some additional context.

A Timeline of Trump–Russia Connections.

“The Trump administration has taken thousands of government records offline since taking office. We’re getting them back.”

“So yes, Sean Hannity, we do need to know more about duck genitalia.”

“These folks seem to look at the economy and conclude that the wealthy don’t have enough and the poor have too much, and they’re going to fix that.”

A story about Mister Rogers that will almost certainly make you tear up a bit.


RIP, Sir Roger Moore, James Bond in “Live And Let Die”, “Moonraker”, and others.

“What do our friends the young-Earth creationists make of this stuff? Here, after all, is a tangible, fluffy-white embodiment of deep time. It’s one more thing that such illiteralist fundamentalists cannot allow themselves to look at or think about. So I wonder what kind of filter system Ken Ham uses for his hot tub.”

“But to do that they’d have to admit something that Republicans seem incapable of admitting: When it comes to health insurance, market-oriented solutions are the most expensive option.”

It’s the 40th anniversary of Star Wars. We are all old. And yes, of course I saw it in the theater when it came out.

“I photoshopped in the kid from THE OMEN and it’s so perfect it’s unnerving.”

“Our vantage point is that we’re mostly looking at special elections in terms of how they might predict 2018. A night where Democrats are losing Montana by “only” 6 or 7 points is consistent with the sort of map you might see if Democrats were either taking over the House or coming pretty close to it.”

“Here’s my question: why? Why would do the Trump people think the Supreme Court would rule any differently [in the Muslim ban case]? At this point, why does Trump think the Supreme Court will even take the case?”

“Whether Vladimir Putin has something on Donald Trump or somehow has him in his pay hardly matters. If he doesn’t, he apparently doesn’t need to do since Trump insists on doing more or less exactly what Putin would want of him entirely on his own.” Then read this. If you’re not freaked out, I don’t know what it would take.

RIP, Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter.

RIP, Jim Bunning, Hall of Fame pitcher and US Senator.

RIP, Gregg Allman, Southern rock pioneer.

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