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Runoff today

The 2003 election season comes to a close today. Look on the bright side: even if your candidates lose, at least you won’t be getting any more campaign mailers (six for me yesterday) or phone calls (three yesterday, two recorded and one live). Well, at least not until the primaries in March. Whatever, get out there and vote!

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  1. insomnia says:

    Now I feel guilty for walking around the heights putting literature in people doors the past few weekends. I always wonder if that actually does anything.

    Went to vote today only 121 people had voted in my pct in the 5th ward. There has been a pickup driving around all day message from syvester turner endorsing diana martinez. On the liturature being handed out they both claim they are endorsed by harris county dems. I ended up talking to both people handing out their liturature and ended up voting for garcia. It was still a hard decision until this week.

  2. Michael says:

    Our election judge (the election judge family for precinct 53 are old friends) told us they’d had about 600 voters.

    I’m betting on Garcia, because yesterday we got both the “Adrian Garcia:Bad Cop” mailer and a postcard from the Garcia camp stating “we’re tired of last minute attack ads” on one side and a letter from some police organization touting him as a good cop. The impressive thing was that they were prepared for this and didn’t let it go unanswered. That speaks of a strong organization.

    The most exciting part was the Santa at the polling place’s campaigning limit, ringing his bell for “Votes for my buddy Adrian Garcia”. If you’ve got Santa’s endorsement, how can you be a bad cop?

  3. Christine says:

    Not sure if you saw it, but I finally posted the “Orlando Glow” photo. I’m glad that even his glow didn’t help him win!