Friday random ten – All in, part 2

All there is is more songs that start with “All”.

1. All God’s Children Got Rhythm – Stan Getz
2. All I Ask – Adele
3. All I Ever – GEMS
4. All I Wanna Do – The Chesterfield Kings
5. All I Want – Susanna Hoffs
6. All In Love Is Fair – Mel Torme
7. All In My Head – The Len Price 3
8. All Lovers Are Deranged – David Gilmour
9. All My Loving – The Beatles
10. All Night Long – Joe Walsh

I love Stan Getz, but I’m pretty sure I’ve met a few of God’s non-rhythm-enabled children. Or maybe they’re just not actually God’s children. That would be a convenient way to differentiate them. Now David Gilmour, he has it exactly right. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t work any other way.

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