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Council may vote on joining SB4 litigation tomorrow

It will happen, though perhaps not tomorrow.

Mayor Sylvester Turner

Houston City Council is poised to vote [this] Wednesday on whether to join litigation challenging the constitutionality of Texas’ new “sanctuary cities” law, days before the case’s preliminary hearing in San Antonio.

The city attorney’s office has recommended Houston sue over the law known as Senate Bill 4, saying it authorizes unconstitutional searches, seizures and detentions, violates officials’ First Amendment rights, unlawfully limits local authority and is unconstitutionally vague.

“The office of the city attorney recommends joining the litigation to address the constitutional and civil rights of city elected and appointed officials and Houston residents, as well as to protect the authority of the city to effectively manage and direct the limited public safety resources of the city and protect the public,” the city attorney’s office wrote in a request for council action.


A Chronicle survey of City Council members last week suggests the city likely will join the legal fight over SB4, which goes into effect Sept. 1.

See here for the background. I say “may vote” only because I expect someone, probably several someones, to tag it for a week. If you’re looking for something to do about this, call your district Council member and the five At Large members and tell them that you want them to support this action. Council members have been hearing from their State Reps, and it would help if they heard from their constituents, too.

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  1. Joshua ben bullard says:

    Kubosh-no christie- abstain stardig-No ,knox- no Edwards-yes Robert Gallegos-yes,cohen-yes,Robinson-yes,Turner-yes,Davis-yes,Boykins-yes,Cisneros-yes,travis-no,Steve le-no,Green-yes,mike district j-yes,Martin-no,

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