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Senate will hold bathroom hearing tomorrow

They just can’t wait. From the inbox:

BREAKING: The Senate State Affairs Committee is pushing for a hearing on anti-transgender “bathroom bill” legislation this Friday at 9AM, Charles.

Intel from the Capitol tells us that Sen. Lois Kolkhorst will introduce a FOURTH discriminatory “bathroom bill” later today. That’s the bill that the Senate State Affairs Committee will consider Friday morning.

That only gives us 24 hours between when the bill is dropped and when it gets a Senate committee vote to stop this anti-transgender measure in its tracks.

With lawmakers moving fast and furious in efforts to ram through legislation that would blatantly legalize discrimination against transgender Texans—we can’t waste a single minute.

Rush a message to Texas lawmakers—right now—and make your voice heard loud and clear: I oppose anti-transgender “bathroom bills!”


You remember Sen. Lois Kolkhorst? She’s one of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s top cronies and the lead sponsor on SB 6—legislation from regular session that would have instated a blanket ban on transgender people in public bathrooms.

Texas’ SB 6 was the near twin to North Carolina’s disastrous HB 2.

And now, the mastermind behind that devastating legislation is coming back for a second shot at making anti-transgender discrimination state law in Texas.

We can’t know how far Sen. Kolkhorst’s new bill (expected to drop tonight) will go. But we know that the only way to defeat it is to mobilize a groundswell grassroots opposition—starting now.

Rush a message to your lawmakers right now and urge them to stand with you and an overwhelming number of Texans and reject discriminatory “bathroom bills.”

Your lawmakers answer to you. Hold them accountable.

You know, Patrick aimed to organize a bunch of wingnut pastors and their congregations in support of this atrocity, but to whatever extent he did that, the people who have been showing up en masse to express their view on this have been overwhelmingly against it. Maybe that effort was more talk than action, and maybe Patrick’s minions figure they don’t have to do any work to get what they want, it will just be done for them, I don’t know. What I do know is that if the Lege has been listening, they’ve heard loud and clear what the people do and don’t want. It’s up to them to act accordingly, and for us to reinforce that lesson at the ballot box next year.

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  1. neither here nor there says:

    Where is the discrimination? The Bill seems to say that a man must go to a man’s bathroom, a woman to a woman’s bathroom. The sex is determined by what the birth certificate states.

    If someone one wants to make single occupancy bath, shower, etc. they are free to do so.

    I admit that I still have problems with the ordinance that the city passed years ago that allowed women to go into the men’s bathroom at the Summit. Old fashion, I am. It happened after the following occurred:

    I will also admit that I have problems placing myself in the shoes of someone that is born a man to think they are a woman.

    More education from those that walk in those shoes is needed to change minds like mine.

  2. Neither, I’m a proud parent of a trans male. He’s a great guy. Great sense of humor, just got his masters degree, and we’re all delighted that he’s happy with who he is. But he can’t live in Texas with the cisgender only bias. He’s committed no crime, and if you met him, you’d probably think he’s a great guy too. Must we make life more difficult for him and others like him? I’m kind of old fashioned myself, but I see no benefit to making life tougher for a surprisingly large portion of the population.

  3. neither here nor there says:

    [email protected] Did not answer my question? There are many transgender people in Texas, long time ago used to teach at a high school, minority, there were several transgender boys there, they had no problems that I was aware of. I have no problem with most people, bigots and racists who open their mouth will hear my opinion. I am sure that he is a great person. I often worked with Leslie Perez and got along fine with her and her mother.

  4. Thanks Neither; appreciate your comments.