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Weekend link dump for August 6

A little thought experiment about a shift of power in the Senate.

Chase your dreams, y’all.

“If you’ve been asking why McCain is getting so much credit for this hit job, rather than his two female Republican colleagues without whose “no” votes the bill would have also passed, one of the answers is that he has sought to make himself the fall guy. But it’s true: This was a conspiracy of three. And one thing McCain has in common with Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski is that all three were in an unusually good position to take the blame for killing Obamacare repeal.”

“Which is to say, Trump and his new minion aren’t just colorful personalities, but members of a particular species: the New York douchebag. That’s why Scaramucci may long remain in good standing—as long as he doesn’t break one golden rule.”

How Leslie Neilsen perfectly encapsulates life in the age of Trump.

RIP, Lee May, former All Star who was once traded for Joe Morgan.

“As for impotence, Trump has accomplished nothing beyond conservative judicial appointments. His administration is otherwise a comedy of errors in the exercise of executive power.”

How long is the day on Saturn? Turns out that’s a tricky question.

“it was going super well but there’s some kind of crazed serial killer roaming the grounds right now”

“Now, if you want to talk about new and risky, how about some alternative histories that don’t focus on World War II or the Civil War?”

RIP, Sam Shepard, playwright, actor, author, screenwriter, and director.

“All told, more than a dozen Democratic candidates with science backgrounds have announced their candidacies for Congress or are expected to in the coming months. The boomlet of STEM-based candidates amounts to a minor seismic event in a community where politics and research have traditionally gone together like sodium and water. Trump has been in office just six months, but he’s already done something remarkable—he’s gotten scientists to run for office.”

Now that is what I call burying the hatchet. Well done.

“Anthony Scaramucci is out, but the Mooch jokes are forever”.

Oh, just a newborn calf that looks like Gene Simmons from KISS. No big deal, not a sign of the apocalypse or anything like that. Now, will someone buy the calf a personal computer? That’s what I want to know.

So long, Flash Player. Eventually.

Anyone Can Legally Say, “Eat Shit, Bob!” Good to know.

“In 2017, 52 percent — a majority — of U.S. Muslims believe that society should be accepting of homosexuality, compared to just 34 percent of white evangelicals. Indeed, white evangelicals overall were less tolerant of homosexuality than any subgroup of Muslims that would be expected to be more conservative, including men (42 percent), those who are older (42 percent), those were born outside the United States (49 percent), and those who say their religion is very important to them (47 percent).”

A good discussion about the ethnic diversity of the Roman Empire, and Twitter trolls.

RIP, Jeff Brotman, founder of Costco.

“First of all, it is obvious that Stephen Miller, a senior policy advisor in the White House, is seriously steeped in the culture of white nationalism. He parrots their viewpoints and has adopted their language.”

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