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How self-absorbed can you get?

I must not be as jaded as I thought I was, because I really can’t believe I just read this headline in today’s Chron: Amid backdrop of war, Houston reborn in 2003.

With the chutzpah of a city that put man on the moon and built the world’s first domed stadium, Houston — an amalgamation of sprawling suburbs — in 2003 became a city with a downtown heart.


Against a backdrop of war, Houstonians in 2003 grappled with controversies involving police and school officials. In May, tragedy struck again when 19 illegal immigrants died after they were abandoned in a sweltering, airless truck near Victoria.

Are you kidding me? Are you seriously trying to tell me that whateve Houston “overcame” in 2003, the eventual invasion of Iraq made it somehow more compelling? Heroic, even? Please.

If this isn’t the worst example ever of the Chron mindlessly shilling for Houston, it’s got to be pretty close. For shame.

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  1. moe the bartender says:

    houston shilling and “war is good:, espcially the preznit’s liberatin’ war on terra war” shilling

  2. Richard says:

    Ha – ha. Well, whoever wrote that article definitely scraped it off of the bottom of the barrel. Have to give them a 10 for creativity though – it’s hard to get more imaginative that that. Wow. *laugh*