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Friday random eleven – Be all that you can be

Going to eleven this week because I felt like it.

1. Be Good Johnny – Men At Work
2. Be Like The Man – Mieka Pauley
3. Be Like You – Asylum Street Spankers
4. Be My Baby – The Ronettes
5. Be My Daddy – Trish & Darin
6. Be Nice To Me – Trinity University Jazz Band
7. Be Prepared – Tom Lehrer
8. Be Still – Los Lobos
9. Be There – Pointer Sisters
10. Be True – Bruce Springsteen
11. Be True To Your School – The Beach Boys

Actually, I went to eleven to include the Beach Boys song, in celebration of school (finally!) opening for most of us on Monday. “Be Like You” is from the Spankers’ children’s album, which is a thing I still can’t quite believe exists. Seriously, they used to talk about doing a kids’ album at their shows, and we always thought they were joking. I can’t remember if “Be Prepared” was the first Tom Lehrer song I ever heard – it’s either that or “Lobachevsky” – but it’s a pretty representative introduction to his oevre. Happy Friday, and if you have friends or family in Florida I hope they’re all safe from Hurricane Irma.

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