Friday random ten: Big talker, part 2

Big list, no kidding.

1. Big Hat, No Cattle – Randy Newman
2. Big Legs, Tight Skirt – John Lee Hooker
3. Big Love – Matthew E. White
4. Big Love – Fleetwood Mac
5. Big Man On Mulberry Street – Billy Joel
6. Big Mess – Devo
7. The Big Muddy – Bruce Springsteen
8. Big Trouble – Trout Fishing In America
9. Big Noise from Winnetka – Asylum Street Spankers
10. Big Ol’ Bone – Austin Lounge Lizards

“Big Hat, No Cattle” could be the theme song for a majority of Congress. I assigned it to Rick Perry back in 2012 when he first disastrously ran for President, but it’s quite adaptable. One more of these to go, next week.

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