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Friday random ten: Black and blue, part 1

Once again, a topic too big to cover in one go.

1. Black And White – The DB’s
2. Black Annis – Solas
3. Black Blade – Blue Oyster Cult
4. Black Boys On Mopeds – Sinead O’Connor
5. Black Coffee In Bed – Squeeze
6. Black Crows – honeyhoney
7. Black Eye Blues – Asylum Street Spankers
8. Black Eyed Suzi – The Honeycutters
9. Black Friday – Steely Dan
10. Black Ghost/Black Girl – Starling Electric

Sinead O’Connor sure was an early voice on an issue that remains stubbornly and depressingly relevant. “Black Friday” is basically peak Steely Dan – great music, and vivid lyrics that set a mood but don’t really make any sense. If there’s a song that better expresses day-after regrets than “Black Coffee In Bed”, please let me know what it is.

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One Comment

  1. Jason Hochman says:

    Surely the next song on the list will be “Black Gold” by Soul Asylum