30 day campaign finance reports – HCC

One more time with the 30 day reports. July reports are here.

Carolyn Evans-Shabazz
Robert Glaser
Pretta VanDible Stallworth
David Jaroszewski

Dist  Name             Raised    Spent    Loans   On Hand
4     Evans-Shabazz     1,148      527        0     3,079
5     Glaser                0      200    5,000     8,239
9     Stallworth            0      713        0         0
9     Jaroszewski       1,000       84        0         0

Aaaaaaaand that’s it. Again, only people who are running for office must file 30 day reports, so all the incumbents other than Evans-Shabazz and Glaser are off the hook. I don’t know why Manny Barrera, DC Caldwell, Victoria Bryant, and Gene Pack don’t have reports available – perhaps they didn’t file one for whatever the reason, and perhaps they did but the system doesn’t reflect it. These puny numbers are not surprising, as these races seldom draw much in the way of fundraising, but they highlight the main issue with HCC elections in general: Nobody knows anything about the candidates, in part because the candidates don’t have the resources to communicate with the voters. We need to be prepared for the possibility of random results when all is said and done here.

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3 Responses to 30 day campaign finance reports – HCC

  1. neither here nor there says:

    There are reasons allowed by law why one is not required to file any campaign reports. If one makes a proper affidavit, which should be available from the government entity, one would know why. Then some people just don’t know what the filing requirements are.

  2. Joe Carl White says:

    FWIW, I have seen a number of Glaser yard signs about, mainly around Rice, but none for any other HCC candidate.

  3. Mr. Kuffner,
    I really appreciate that you remained objective and avoided jumping to conclusions in your speculation (“perhaps they did but the system doesn’t reflect it”).
    Since you seem interested in knowing, I did file the CANDIDATE MODIFIED REPORTING DECLARATION with my campaign treasurer appointment form, although I cannot speak for Barrera, Bryant, or Pack.
    Let me know if you have any questions for me.

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