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Friday random ten: Blue bayou, part 1

Do we have the blues? We have them enough for multiple lists.

1. Blue Always Finds Me – Hotel Lights
2. Blue Baiao – Susanna Sharpe and Samba Police
3. Blue Christmas – Collective Soul
4. Blue Comet Blues – Bill Haley & The Comets
5. Blue Dream Lover – Elke
6. Blue In Green – Miles Davis
7. Blue In The Sky – Joe Purdy
8. Blue Jean Blues – Little Feat
9. Blue Jeans – Eddie From Ohio
10. Blue Light – David Gilmour

Susanna Sharpe is an Austin-based musician whom I got to see a few times at the Mucky Duck back in the day. She and her band put on an amazingly lively show, especially given that nearly all of their songs were sung in Portuguese. David Gilmour is the guitarist for Pink Floyd, and his About Face solo album – with an assist from Pete Townshend on a couple of tracks; he returned the favor on Townshend’s Deep End Live – is one of my favorite discs from the 80s. I don’t think I ever heard “Blue Christmas” until well into my adulthood, but it’s one of my favorite seasonal songs now. More blue things next week.

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