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It was just a matter of time

You have to hand it to the Chron, they take their job as Houston boosters seriously. What else can you think about their overview of Houston strip clubs for visitors, complete with capsulized reviews of seven specific clubs? I suppose one could quibble a bit, since after all this feature would have been more useful to visitors earlier in the week than on the day before the Super Bowl itself, but what the heck. And of course, it’s really strange to see everything you need to know about these clubs displayed on Page One of the Lifestyle section when their paid ads are restricted by Chron policy to the bowels of the Classified section (they used to appear in the sports section, but were banished from there some 10 years ago). But who cares? The Super Bowl is in town! It’s party time! Expense-account lap dances for everyone!

Anyway. If I thought the State of the Union Drinking Game was going to draw angry letters to the editor, I ain’t seen nothing yet. I’ll keep an eye open for you.

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    ABC’s World News Tonight did a segment on Houston and mentioned the strip clubs too; I’ve never been to Houston, but surely the clubs aren’t all that different from ones elsewhere?

  2. There’s not that much difference, no. It’s mostly that there’s a lot of ’em in Houston. A local comedy theater troupe does a bit in which directions to anyplace in town are given by “which topless club is it closest to?” It’s the ubiquity that’s notable. Also, Rick’s Cabaret, the first strip club to go public, is based here.