Endorsement watch: Alvarado’s army

Rep. Carol Alvarado

Rep. Carol Alvarado has released a long list of supporters for her campaign to succeed Sen. Sylvia Garcia in SD06. This is clearly a show of strength on Alvarado’s part – the list includes the three most recent Mayors of Houston, four of her State House colleagues, Commissioner (and former Sen.) Rodney Ellis, and a bunch of other current and past office holders. One thought that struck me as I read this was a reminder that Alvarado had been the runnerup the last time SD06 came open, losing in a special election runoff to Sen. Garcia. People had a hard choice to make in that election between two very good and well-qualified candidates, and Sen. Garcia emerged victorious. People will once again have a hard choice to make in that election between two very good and well-qualified candidates, and it may be that the bulk of those who are prominent and being public about it are going to Rep. Alvarado.

That’s hardly the final word, of course. There are plenty of people not on Rep. Alvarado’s list, and I’m sure Rep. Ana Hernandez will have her own impressive cadre of supporters. In fact, later in the day Rep. Hernandez sent out this fundraiser email that touted Mayor Turner as the special guest. That email references her HD143 campaign, with no mention of SD06, but you can draw your own inferences. Like I said, both she and Rep. Alvarado are strong candidates. Rep. Alvarado’s opening salvo may have the effect of scaring off other potential candidates, but there’s no guarantee of that, as Sen. Garcia herself could testify from CD29. All I’m going to say at this time is the same as what I said the last time we had one of these elections, which is that I’m glad I was redistricted into SD15 so I don’t have to take a side myself.

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3 Responses to Endorsement watch: Alvarado’s army

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  2. Julian Deleon says:

    Ana Hernandez has been a State Representative since 2005. Ana has an impressive work record that she can stand on. Ana strikes me as a sophisticated Representative who is thoughtful in her approach; She thinks things through and puts out a good product — which will be great for her campaign.

    The dynamics of SD6 has changed. I think Ana has the advantage and people will respond to her very well.

  3. Daniel S. says:

    Senate District 6 has changed. Endorsements of a laundry list of former elected officials or those that don’t live in the district will not work, and that is a tactic from the 80s; millennials don’t like it. Millenials also don’t like attack ads.

    Hernandez will be hard to beat.

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