Interview with Martha Castex-Tatum

Martha Castex Tatum

We continue on with interviews in the District K special election, to succeed the late Council Member Larry Green. Today we have Martha Castex-Tatum, who has served in CM Green’s office as the Director of Constituent Services since 2015. She has previous experience as an elected official, having been a member of San Marcos’ City Council after her graduation from Texas State. She also served on the San Marcos Economic Development Council and the Convention and Visitor Bureau and has worked as a realtor. Here’s the interview:


Anthony Freddie
Lawrence McGaffie

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2 Responses to Interview with Martha Castex-Tatum

  1. Now we’ll have 2 black women on city council with masters degrees and municipal experience.

    But are too lazy to propose any ideas.

    It’s like shiela jackson lee 2.0

  2. Joshua ben bullard says:

    Look for candidate Carl Evans to hit heavy in this election, Evans has the relationships and the group swell of community involvement to rack up heavy voting count numbers in this first special election pass ,I maybe wrong but I never am ,If your placing bets put all your money on the Carl Evans campaign, because even if you don’t ,he’s there.joshua

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