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Vacating, all I ever wanted

Burka says that a coup against House Speaker Tom Craddick “seems inevitable now”, and he ponders how it might play out.

Let’s assume that the process of vacating the chair has been set in motion by a resolution. Then what?

Rule 5, Section 36 says, “Questions of privilege shall have precedence over all other questions, except motions to adjourn.” Therefore, the only way to slow down the proceedings is for a pro-Craddick member to move to adjourn. This would have to be voted on by the House, and it would become to this speaker’s race what the Geren amendment was in January: a proxy vote.


Let’s assume that the motion to adjourn fails. (If it succeeds, Craddick has proven that he has the votes to defeat the insurgency.) The vote will smoke out the insurgents and both sides will know where every member stands. The Craddick forces will try to find a way to stall a vote on the resolution so they can turn around some votes. If that fails, I can think of only one play left: to break the quorum. Pro-Craddick members might start drifting off the floor. The irony of this development is apparent: Craddick would be employing the same strategy that the “Chicken D’s” (Craddick’s phrase) used against him during the redistricting battle of 2003.

You’re wondering if I have something in my archives about that, right? Of course I do, though interestingly it has to do with an attempt by the Dems to make a motion to adjourn sine die at an opportune moment during one of the special sessions on redistrcting, not with the Ardmore Exodus. I strongly suggest turning your personal Irony-o-Meters off for the next couple of days, lest they overload.

If the session shuts down without the House adopting a budget, there would have to be a special session, and Craddick would be back in the saddle as speaker.

The very last thing I want is a special session, because it would provide an opportunity for all kinds of mischief and malfeasance. Much as I want to see Craddick taken out, I fervently hope that those who think they might try are committed to seeing it through, which among other things making sure they have enough rebels to parry any parliamentary hijinx. I don’t know what’s coming next, but I feel a bit like I do in anticipation of the Lost season finale – everything is going to change, we just don’t know how yet. Stay tuned.

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  1. Pink Lady says:

    Love the title… great minds think alike? Innocent mistake on my part.