Sen. Garcia announces her resignation

Not quite what I was expecting, but it will do.

Here’s the Trib story:

Sen. Sylvia Garcia

State Sen. Sylvia Garcia, a Houston Democrat likely on her way to Congress in the fall, has announced formal plans to resign after months of speculation about the timing of her decision.

When Garcia won a crowded congressional primary election in March, all but guaranteeing her election to represent a Democratic-leaning district in November, she immediately set off speculation about when she would resign her seat in the Texas Senate. The timing of the special election to replace her will have important implications for the upper chamber’s Democratic caucus, given that a seat usually held by the minority is up for grabs.

Several candidates have already lined up for Garcia’s seat, including two local Democrats currently serving in the Texas House: state Reps. Ana Hernandez and Carol Alvarado. Hernandez announced hopes to fill the “potential vacancy” just 12 hours after Garcia’s primary win, and shortly after, Alvarado posted a carefully crafted three-minute campaign video.


Though Garcia said her resignation won’t be effective until January, the Texas Election Code states that, for the purposes of calling a special election, a vacancy occurs on the date the resignation is accepted by the appropriate authority or on the eighth day after the date of its receipt by the authority” — in this case, Abbott, according to the secretary of state’s office.

I’ve been calling for this for months now, so as long as we get the election on or before November 6 (it would be one of three such elections), I’m happy. Barring anything unforeseen, the special will be a contest between Reps. Alvarado and Hernandez; refer to the 2013 SD06 special election for a reminder of how the partisan vote split previously. This will add to my to-do list for November interviews, but otherwise I get to be on the outside looking in, as I was redistricted into SD15 in 2011. I’ll keep my eyes open for Abbott’s response. In the meantime, I join legions of people in thanking Sen. Garcia for her service, and for her consideration in ensuring continuity of representation in SD06. The Chron has more.

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5 Responses to Sen. Garcia announces her resignation

  1. I would have taken her resignation when she was city controller.

    Lawyer, decades of experiences and she still couldn’t figure out feasibility studies on public banking, paid maternity leave, $15 minimum wage, equal pay, etc etc.

  2. Julian DeLeon says:

    I think there will be some surprises in this race. There will be a difference from when it was Garcia vs. Alvarado. The east end is changing and Alvarado’s base may not be secure as it once was.

    While other folks may enter the race, I believe Hernandez has the best chance at winning.

    Alvarado campaign tactics are predictable, while Hernandez is strategic and operates like a stealth. Hernandez is genuine, sincere and has a work record to stand on. People relate to her.

    Hernandez has the backing of most State Representatives and perhaps a big name that will endorse at the right time. This will prove to be beneficial for Hernandez.

    While Alvarado has a sizable bank account, may not matter in this race. Just like it did not in the Congressional race. Folks are paying close attention to politics these day and careful about who they elect.

    Good luck to all candidates.

  3. Manny Barrera says:

    Julian, since you like to throw dirt at people, how is Hernandez personal life going? Expect it will become an issue if dirt flies.

    I ain’t got a dog in the fight, so whoever wins will be just as bad (Or good) for the Spanish surname people of the district. Tell us again what Hernandez has accomplished.

    Nothing about her it is just the messenger that merits a little attention for always bad mouthing other elected officials. Just warming you up for Marc.

    I do tell my friends that Carol will make as good a state senator as Garcia, if not better.

  4. Daniel says:

    I am new to the area and my Civic Club. Ana and Carol styles are different:

    Ana – Engaging, contributed to the meeting and took time to visit with members after the meeting.

    Carol – Walked in with staff, was looking at her phone most of the meeting and she spoke a little bit. Her staff took a bunch of pictures while she was speaking, which was distracting. I asked a neighbor who she was, and my neighbor replied: “She is just here for the Picture. It will end up on Facebook in a couple of minutes.”

  5. Carol was a joke city council.

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