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Texas blog roundup for the week of August 6

The Texas Progressive Alliance knows that weekly blog roundups are not a crime.

Off the Kuff analyzed the latest polls in the Senate race.

SocraticGadfly wonders why 25 House Dems and a Gang Greenish environmentalist group are recycling an old Ryan Zinke idea for new National Parks funding.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Keep Austin Wonky looks at the end of CodeNext.

Chris Ferguson wonders why some people are afraid to call themselves “feminists”.

Therese Odell really doesn’t like where Trump’s war on the press is going.

The TSTA Blog ties everything back to the $5.4 billion cut to public education in 2011.

Jade Esteban Estrada profiles State Rep. Ina Minjarez.

Expat Texan Elise Hu bids farewell to Korea.

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One Comment

  1. Bill Daniels says:

    The article on ‘feminism’ was interesting. I think the major reason people won’t call themselves feminists is, all the ideals feminism initially espoused by the first wave, like Gloria Steinem, have pretty much been achieved here, but in the rest of the world (Muslim countries, totally not shitholes like Africa and Central America, and Mexico, looking at y’all, here) they are just a bad joke. Why aren’t our feminists here marching against the Muslims who hack up their women’s genitals and force them to wear tents? Why aren’t they marching against the machismo Hispanic culture of smacking their women around and forcibly having their way with them? Kim Ogg recognizes the problem, but the pink hat brigade? Radio silence.

    These ‘feminists’ we see out marching with their pink hats don’t actually care about any of that, rather, they are just another group of useful idiots papering the streets to ‘resist Trump,’ just like Code Pink was there to resist Bush. Once Obama was elected, turns out they really didn’t care about the Iraq War. At that point, it was just the libertarians who were truly against it.

    Why aren’t these feminists ditching the Muslim, Linda Sarsour? Her good friend, the anti-American Imam in NY just had his kid along with others, busted for running a training camp for kids, to train them as school shooters. ….not the feminist role model I’d want my daughters to emulate.

    They aren’t because they don’t care about that.

    Finally, in the interest of equality, why aren’t feminists clamoring to close the ‘death gap?’ The most dangerous occupations, where the most people die…..virtually all men. Why aren’t women insisting on taking those dangerous jobs?