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Interview with Lisa Seger

Lisa Seger

Lisa Seger, who is running for HD03 in Montgomery and Waller Counties, is an uncommon candidate in an unexpected place. She and her husband have owned and operated Blue Heron Farm in Field Store Community of Waller County since 2006. The farm’s main business is goats, which they raise for milk and cheese. She’s also active in dog rescue in Montgomery County. Like many of the candidate this cycle, she was spurred to run by the events of 2016 and the fact that there had been no Democratic candidates running in HD03 since the district was drawn in 2011. As I have noted before, Seger and my wife Tiffany are friends, and we are regular customers of Blue Heron’s goat cheese, which I can attest is quite tasty. Here’s the interview:

You can see all of my interviews for state offices so far as well as other information about the candidates on my 2018 Legislative Election page.

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  1. Marc says:

    Lisa (and the Field Store community) are actually a couple of miles into Waller County! But her gerrymandered district cuts a swath across Montgomery County all the way to Kingwood.

  2. Marc, thanks for the catch. I’ve fixed the text.

  3. Jason Hochman says:

    I’ve met her at the Rice campus farmer’s market. She is very nice, and has nice items, and, if I remember correctly, she will let you try a little sample.