Interview with Marty Lancton

As you know, there are two city ballot propositions for your consideration. The one that has gotten the most attention by far is Proposition B, the firefighters pay parity proposal. I consider it a core function of this blog to present information about local issues, especially when those issues are election-related, so I will have two interviews for you about the propositions, with an emphasis on Prop B. Today I have my conversation with Marty Lancton, the President of the Houston Professional Firefighters Association, about the proposition and what it would mean for HFD and the city. I’ll have a conversation with Mayor Turner next week. Here’s what Marty Lancton and I talked about:

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One Response to Interview with Marty Lancton

  1. The fire union really needs to get their shit together.

    They should have placed the $12.27 revenue cap on the ballot before asking for a raise.

    This is also the same union that endorsed Ben Hall. The same idiot that thought we could cut half of 2 dozen city departments.

    Even though every major US city has 2-4 dozen city departments.

    Are houston leaders morons?

    Having dug through public and private sector leaders ideas and had 3 ceo’s (Steve Lufburrow, Jonita Reynolds, Angela Blanchard) and a congressional candidate (Laura Moser) ask me for ideas i googled.

    While the 4th largest city pretends not to know who i am and repeats back to me my internet usage.

    I’m being to think so…

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