From the “I may have spoken too soon” department

First, Will Hurd was declared the winner in CD23. But there were still a few precincts out, some in deep red Medina County and others in El Paso County. Hurd started the evening with a 6K early vote lead, but Jones cut into it through the night. Then we had this:


Will Hurd - Incumbent   REP    100,627  48.88%
Gina Ortiz Jones        DEM    100,909  49.02%
Ruben Corvalan          LIB      4,311   2.09%

And it looked like all the precincts had been counted, and Gina Ortiz Jones had pulled it out in the end. But then it turned out there may have been a mistake in the Medina numbers, and the SOS page showed one precinct still out. When the dust cleared, we got this:


Will Hurd - Incumbent   REP    102,903  49.11%
Gina Ortiz Jones        DEM    102,214  48.78%
Ruben Corvalan          LIB      4,402   2.10%

Harold has the screenshots. One way or the other, I smell a recount.

Which leads to this:


Mike Schofield (REP)    32,629  49.14%
Gina Calanni   (DEM)    32,678  49.21%
Daniel Arevalo (LIB)     1,097   1.65%

There were only a tiny number of uncounted precincts left in Harris County when I posted that omnibus report, but apparently some of them were in HD132, and they gave Gina Calanni enough support to overcome the 270-vote advantage Mike Schofield had owned. Again, for sure there will be a recount, but if this results now stands, Democrats will have 67 of 150 seats in the State House, for a gain of twelve (!) in that chamber. I am amazed. And I won’t be surprised if I find out that something else has happened in one of these races, or any other for that matter.

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9 Responses to From the “I may have spoken too soon” department

  1. Gary D says:

    I had the opposite problem and fell asleep.
    The Blue Wave only reached suburbia and the Kavanaugh hearings with unsupported sexual assault accusations boosted Republican turnout and cost some Senate seats.
    Demonstrating he doesn’t have the temperament to be on any court doesn’t cut it with the yahoos.

  2. Manny Barrera says:

    It was a very good day for the Democrats in Harris County and Ft. Bend County.

    Not a single County Wide Republican is left standing.

    The Democrats control the commissioners court.

    From what I can see it seems that the Republicans will take aim at the City Council and their main target is to get a Republican/or what they consider a Republican in there. Probably Bill King, but we will see.

    Democrats now need to take aim at the Republicans at large in council, it is time to remove them and start making Harris County like Travis County, 70% or better Democrat.

    Bill, Brazoria will probably turn blue in 2020, you need to concentrate in that area and not worry about us poor folks in Harris County.

  3. Bill Daniels says:


    Congratulations on the big win. Harris and Ft. Bend are yours now. With the slate of Dem judges inbound to Harris County, I’ll definitely NOT speed at all any more, because I sure don’t want to end up in SJW court. I’ll band together with my neighbors to stave off a takeover of Brazoria Cty, just as long as we can, but I do have plans to move/flee eventually.

    Also, congrats on winning the House. It was a good night for you.

  4. Manny Barrera says:

    Well thanks Bill, and Democrats don’t eat Republicans if they become decent human being they invite them into their tent, the way Ronald Reagan did.

  5. We don’t need more democrats on city council.

    Just people with the balls to put real ideas on a website.

    Let me know when amanda edwards grows a pair.

    If i wanted to twiddle my thumbs and read magazines with lawyers for low pay and horrible benefits i’d go back to foster llp and catholic charities.

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  7. Souperman says:

    Bohac is only up by 72 votes in HD 138, down from 137 votes on election night. That’s one I haven’t seen on anyone’s radar other than Adam Milasincic’s.

  8. Mainstream says:

    Joe: I would rather elected officials formulate and pass legislation or implement policy. Just throwing some ivory tower ideas up onto a website seems meaningless to me since (1) only a few folks read such sites, and they are often not in a position to enact or block such ideas, (2) a segment of the community lacks internet/digital access to and would not read anyway, and (3) ideas on a website often lack the detail needed to constitute workable laws. I think you missed your calling as an internet site critic and reviewer.

  9. Jules says:

    Mainstream – at least Joe knows how to google.

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