Police raid Jared Woodfill’s office

Oh, my.

Authorities on Monday raided the law office of former Harris County Republican Party chairman Jared Woodfill.

Investigators with the Harris County District Attorney’s office wheeled carts of documents from Woodfill’s office at 3 Riverway at least an hour after they arrived.


Woodfill is the subject of two separate formal complaints — one to the State Bar of Texas and the other to the Houston Police Department. In both complaints, Woodfill is accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from clients’ trust accounts.

In the criminal complaint, filed in March 2017, Richard Rodriguez accused Woodfill’s firm of stealing more than $300,000 from a divorce trust account. Rodriguez said Monday he believed the search was related to his complaint.

Oh, my, my.

Documents show Woodfill was reprimanded by the state bar two months ago for failure to take reasonable action in another divorce case.

The state bar, which oversees lawyers, ordered him to take classes in billing, trust accounts or law practice management.

All of that on top of two other civil cases in which opponents recently demanded Woodfill pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid fees.

It’s too early to say what all this is about. We don’t even know for certain that Woodfill himself is the subject of any investigation. But, um, none of this looks great.

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3 Responses to Police raid Jared Woodfill’s office

  1. Manny Barrera says:

    Maybe the lose of Republican judges made life a little poorer as the corruption of the Republican Party did not enrich him to the levels he was accustom to? Just thinking out loud with my fingers.

  2. Tina Givens says:

    Good thinking Manny! He can’t these new intimidate the Judges any longer. Thank the Lord for the people that nasty court house was cleared out! Like another prominent straight up, Clear Lake attorney who writes a VERY HONEST blog called “The Mongoose”
    Wrote in his article “Judge-Aggedon” last week. He along with many other scum bags (my term, not his) will need to immediately rethink their business practices! Good for Harris County DA and good for these Judges issuing the search warrant on him! About time we start cleaning this pathetic swamp of unlawful abiding, scheming, payoff the judges nasty poor excuse for Lawyers out of the Courts! So long crooked Judges (only a set few didn’t play politics in their courts) while you’re at it Judges that are leaving (THANK GOD FOR THE PPL OF HARRIS COUNTY!) take out the rest of the trash when you go!

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