Endorsement watch: For Alvarado in the special

The Chron does its thing one more time.

Rep. Carol Alvarado

Of the four names on the ballot [in the SD06 special election], two stand out as qualified and impressive candidates: state Rep. Carol Alvarado and state Rep. Ana Hernandez.

We endorse Alvarado.

It isn’t a question of policy — the two Democrats seem to agree on practically everything. Both are pro-choice. Both oppose school vouchers. Neither wants to expand the sales tax or implement an income tax to help pay for public schools. The difference is one of strategy.

Alvarado, 51, is a former member of Houston City Council and was first elected to District 145 in 2008. Since then she has briskly climbed the leadership ranks and last session was appointed chair of the Urban Affairs Committee. Consider it a sign of the trust that Speaker Joe Straus put in her ability to reach across the aisle and work with Republicans to pass important bills. Notably, in 2015 she authored the grand jury reform bill that was signed by Gov. Greg Abbott. Those talents will be key to a successful tenure in the Texas Senate, which is dominated by Republicans.

Hernandez, 40, was first elected to the Legislature in 2005 but hasn’t gained the sort of leadership positions that Alvarado boasts. In meeting with the editorial board, she explained it’s because she refuses to compromise her ideals in pursuit of political ambition. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Garcia embodied that model when she was the only senator to oppose the most recent budget. The vote undermined her ability to work with Republicans, but granted her the authority to point out the budget’s various flaws — cuts to education, reliance on higher property taxes — come election season. If Democrats want to grow their political footprint, they’ll need to start heightening the contrast with Republicans and give voters a real choice.

But for the sake of constituents’ immediate needs, we believe that Alvarado can do a better job of shaping and passing legislation.

Alvarado sent out email over the weekend touting endorsements from the Houston GLBT Political Caucus and the Planned Parenthood Texas Votes as well. She of course has run for this seat before, in the 2012 special election following the death of Mario Gallegos, finishing second behind Sylvia Garcia. You don’t want to put too much weight on these things, as it’s easy to over-interpret them in low-turnout special elections like this, but it’s a decent start for Alvarado. We have a full 12-day early voting period for this election, so if you are in SD06 you have from today through next Friday, December 7, to cast your ballot.

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10 Responses to Endorsement watch: For Alvarado in the special

  1. Julian Deleon says:

    This is a back-handed and passive aggressive endorsement for Carol Alvarado.

    I think the comments are golden to the Ana Hernandez campaign.

  2. Carol sat on city council with a female majority and couldn’t figure out paid maternity leave and a $15 minimum wage.

    It’s like a Melissa Noriega 2.0

  3. C.L. says:

    Oh Joe, if only you had been elected (for something, for anything, by anybody, at any time for any race), how better off we’d be. #UnstableGenius

  4. It’s a lot easier to walk off low wage jobs with no or horrible benefits and mooch off family until election day.

    Instead of showing up to low wage jobs with no or horrible benefits at companies where management has masters or phd’s but they can’t figure out how to keep employees out of poverty like their competitors with smaller budgets.

    My lazy former employers pretended not to know who i am like the women on tinder/bumble and repeat back to me my internet usage.


  5. C.L. says:

    “It’s a lot easier to walk off low wage jobs with no or horrible benefits and mooch off family until election day.”

    That should be your new/next Campaign Slogan.

  6. My campaign slogans…

    i figured it out in 2013, let’s see if houston can figure it out in 2019

    Houston non profits are run by self righteous feminists that can’t figure out paid parental leave after decades on the job

    Just look at my website

    I’ll finish what other at-large 1 candidates didn’t have the balls to start

    I bet annise parker wish’s i ran in 2013 against kubosh

    Tell mike knox and his staff to pack their bags

    City hall will be like tinder and bumble. Women pretend not to know who i am but thank me afterwards.

  7. Manny Barrera says:

    Joe you do have a nice website and a lot of good information.

    You, also, have, the same flowers Kuff has.

  8. Maybe charles has my flowers?

    Maybe charles could ask real questions in 2019 for city council candidates?


  9. By all means, Joe, feel free to reach out to the candidates yourself to conduct interviews with them. I’m sure they’ll be as delighted to hear from you as the rest of us are.

  10. It’s pretty easy to mock city council and county candidates on their social media.

    Women and people of color have been passing raise-the-wage ideas in dozens of other city councils for years.

    But houston dinosaurs can’t figure it out? LOL

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